Sunday, August 10, 2008

tah dah!

i weighed myself on saturday night and the scales showed 80kg, which meant that i've lost 2.6kg. ain't bad for a week of eating right, right? then this morning i decided to hit the scales again, before i ate and did my other morning ritualistic stuff. the scale read that i was 76kg!! i wiped my eyes and looked again. the needle was still at 76. is it possible to have lost 6.6kg in a week?

like i said, i don't think i look different but the scales can't be lying right?

visited grandma today after mass and she thot that i'd lost weight and instinctively tried to fatten me up with sweets and comfort food. i resisted and hung in there. but i swear, it took every once of will power to say NO to grandma's cooking!

i'm going to weigh myself again tom morning just to be sure. i'm sceptical that way.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

day 6

so i'm 6 days into the diet and hubs doesn't recognise the inside of the fridge anymore. it's full of fruit, veg, cheeses and diet sodas. he looked at me today and said, "i'm gonna buy junk food OK hon. i need to feel normal again."

i'm enjoying my diet. i thought i wouldn't but i am. i'm even enjoying cooking the meals which take all of 5mins coz of the quantity. and that's just it, the quantity is actually rather filling! who would have thot that the tiniest allowance could fill me up, but it really does! so now i'm thinking whether i've even got my diet right.

i don't seem to see any difference in my body but my clothes fit better. i'm putting off weighing myself till i hit a month down. A week ago, i weighed in at 82.6kg. can you believe it! i have to say i don't think i look 82kg but there are days that i certainly do feel the weight.

on that note, i had lunch with a colleague the other day. he asked why people always say "not bad" as opposed to "good". IE how's the soup? ... not bad. so i said (with all my literary wisdom) i think "not bad" is a notch below good. then he said, "why don't we say 'almost good'". so i said, "well it doesn't sound as good as 'not bad'"!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

start point

eager to start my new diet, i went grocery shopping yesterday. took me a whole bloody hour! fruit, veg, lean meat, cheese and yoghurt. my basket has never been so full of wholesome goodness before. i was amused by the selection. when i got home, i neatly portioned all my food which was fun. then i worked on my menu and got all excited again.

today i asked hubs to take before pics of me. i wanted to use one outfit and have him take pictures of me as i progress. but he said it would be better if i did pics in a bikini. *men!* i'm very pleasantly surprised that he is being so supportive and wants to be involved. so we did the pics and one day i'll be brave enuf to share them.

here we go!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

there is no try!

as xmas closes in i've decided that i need a body overhaul. i've been feeling my body getting heavier and my skin has been feeling unnaturally stretched. i've decided ... enuf is enuf! i'm 35 and i'll be damned if i'm not going to put up a fight!

so here goes nothing .... actually here goes everything! my breath is bated and my eyes are open wide. i'm trembling with excitemment. hubs has been extremely supportive and very engaged. it's all systems go ....

this is my little ticker that will help me monitor progress and this is me sharing my journey to a more firmer, healthier, energetic me.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

hold up

last week was not good.
gonna re-group and try again next week.
meanwhile, time is going to stand still for a bit.
till i get my act together.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


still nothing.
i tried to leave early again.
no dice.
tuffer than i ancipated.

food journal
0830 - 1 x cheese sanwhich with black coffee no sugar
1330 - 1 x seafood sandwhich on rye
1500 - 2 x papaya slices
2100 - 10 x flat spoonfuls of rice with yoghurt + veg and mutton bits

good news for the nutty, i just read that peanut butter is healthy. so maybe i'll ditch the nutella for a while and bring on the skippy.

Monday, June 18, 2007

it's now or never

so d-day has arrived with not much success. i ended up working late and didn't manage to squeeze in any exercise. note to self - really, really need to make time for this.

dunno if it's bad timing to start it today. i'm in the middle of my period so i'm feeing testy and lumpy and i am craving chocolate like crazy.

the silver lining is that i've been using the clarins body shaping creme - which the nice lady said would melt my fats. ka-ching! that aside, it feels really nice on the skin and the technique in which to use it is an arm workout on it's own. the creme leaves my skin feeling tingly and it smells great.

tomorrow i walk. fer sure.

food journal
0830 - 1 x small char siew pao with water
1130 - 1/2 an egg mayo on rye and 2 x chicken wings with water
1230 - 2 x slices of papaya
1630 - 1/2 egg mayo on rye (the other half of my sandwich) with coffee and low fat creamer
1830 - 2 x 1" cubes of chocolate with a black coffee - no sugar
2030 - 10 x flat spoonfuls of briyani rice with indian yoghurt - no curry + a piece of chicken + a cup of jap green tea.

i know, today sucked as a first effort. i'll try harder tomorrow. if it's any consolation, i'm feeling guilty abt the briyani : (